In and with the Landscape of Manipur

A workshop led by Marcel Zaes
in collaboration with Laura Gáti and Meghna Bhardwaj

This is a practice-based workshop, meant for artists of all fields who are interested in sound and site. Each participant will be individually developing a new sketch of a work and while doing so will be guided by the three mentors, by input lectures, and by critique sessions with all participants. In addition, on the final day all participants are invited to participate in a new sound performance from the series “Setting” by Marcel Zaes.

Nachom Art Foundation is based in Imphal, Manipur. NAF welcomes every art forms. We encourage everyone who wants to experience on different dimensions of art from different artists around the world.

NAF9/9 Residency is the first residency program NAF is organizing in Imphal. This residency is going to be a learning process for each and everyone who is participating. Our aim is to groom new artists from Manipur. It is going to be a space where they will be able to develop knowledge about future projects or their own production works. NAF9/9Residency 2017 program aims to bring together artists from across Manipur and to support their residency in creative explorations, investigation and professional growth within the exchange.

Here again
Mr. Takao Kawaguchi , Toyko - Japan
Supported by Japan Foundation , New Delhi
Co-supported by The Giving Tree , Manipur

ABOUT Takao Kawaguchi workshop -
Contemporary Dance Workshop with Takao Kawaguchi
With an hypothesis of “It’s the space that dances, and not us”, this is a workshop to explore the relationship between the body and the space. How we can move the space and let IT dance rather than WE dance ourselves?
We start with individual exercises of visualization of the space inside and outside the body, opening up our perception and our body and savoring sensations as well as discovering and even creating spaces around our body. Then, we move on to work with other people too in order to develop the sense of collective consciousness so that we as individuals can become one with the whole.
At the final stage of the workshop, we aim at mobilizing the entire space. The workshop will consist of devised, experience-based exercises and improvisation sessions.

This summer, we are organising one of the most fun workshop of all. We are presenting you workshops on Hip-hop, B-Boying, Contemporary Dance, Martial arts (Thang-ta and Taekwondo ), Theatre and Yoga. Come and join us for this fun and fitness filled summer!!!

The event is going to be a workshop cum cultural exchange programme which will be mainly led by Takao Kawaguchi along with Surjit Nongmeikapam. As an expert for the workshop he will be helping the new generation dancers who are interested in contemporary dance form, and will give them his share of knowledge and expertise. This workshop will therefore help our youth in understanding contemporary dance in a better way and help them gain a new perspective into it. Through Takao K. our youth and the local artist here will be able to get a glimpse of contemporary dance in Japan. Apart from the workshop, there will be a session for cultural exchange at the later days of the event. During the cultural exchange, our local artists from Laihui Ensemble will come together with Takao K. and Surjit on a same platform where they will be able to share about their cultures. The cultural exchange session will also be serving as a platform for the local artist with Takao K. and Surjit to bring out their ideas and concepts from which they can create something new – a blend of both the cultures and ideas.

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