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Mr. Takao Kawaguchi , Toyko - Japan
Supported by Japan Foundation , New Delhi
Co-supported by The Giving Tree , Manipur

ABOUT Takao Kawaguchi workshop -
Contemporary Dance Workshop with Takao Kawaguchi
With an hypothesis of “It’s the space that dances, and not us”, this is a workshop to explore the relationship between the body and the space. How we can move the space and let IT dance rather than WE dance ourselves?
We start with individual exercises of visualization of the space inside and outside the body, opening up our perception and our body and savoring sensations as well as discovering and even creating spaces around our body. Then, we move on to work with other people too in order to develop the sense of collective consciousness so that we as individuals can become one with the whole.
At the final stage of the workshop, we aim at mobilizing the entire space. The workshop will consist of devised, experience-based exercises and improvisation sessions.

Contribution - Rs 1000 only for the workshop .
Timing - 11am to 2pm .
Date - 12 Nov to 18th Nov 2016 .
Call -9862782007

PROFILE OF Takao Kawaguchi -
While joining the Japanese multimedia performance company Dumb Type from 1996 to 2008, Kawaguchi independently did a number of collaboration projects, with sound/visual artists combining the elements of light and sound, and video such as: DiQueNoVes (Say You Don't See) (2003), D.D.D.- How Many Times Will My Heart Beat Before It Stops? (2004), Good Luck (2008) and TABLEMIND (2011).
Since 2008 Kawaguchi has been working on his solo, site-specific performance series called a perfect life until today. The most recent one “From Okinawa to Tokyo” was presented in February 2013 at the Ebisu Moving Image Festival at Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Museum.
In recent years he has created Butoh-related works such as: The Ailing Dance Mistress– two solos based on the texts of Tatsumi Hijikata (2012) with Tomomi Tanabe; and About Kazuo Ohno – Reliving the Butoh Diva’s Masterpieces (2013).

Kawaguchi has participated in a number of other collective projects including: true (2007) and Node – The Old Man of the Desert (2013) with Takayuki Fujimoto (dumb type) and Tsuyoshi Shirai; and Tri-K (2010) with Dick Wong (dancer/choreographer, Hong Kong) and Koichi Imaizumi (filmmaker, Tokyo); and most recently Touch of the Other (2015) with Jonathan M. Hall (professor of queer media studies at Pomona College, Los Angeles).

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