In and with the Landscape of Manipur

A workshop led by Marcel Zaes
in collaboration with Laura Gáti and Meghna Bhardwaj

This is a practice-based workshop, meant for artists of all fields who are interested in sound and site. Each participant will be individually developing a new sketch of a work and while doing so will be guided by the three mentors, by input lectures, and by critique sessions with all participants. In addition, on the final day all participants are invited to participate in a new sound performance from the series “Setting” by Marcel Zaes.

The primary question will be the dichotomy “technology versus landscape” as well as “rationally planned versus spontaneously improvised.” The incredibly strong landscape of Manipur will serve as the “found stage” or the “site” that we will be exploring. By researching these outlined questions, the focus will be on sound and on site. How can we “read” the site and derive a rational artistic concept? How can we add technology to the landscape, and by doing so, how will it change our perception of the landscape? Ultimately, how will rationally planned technology (i.e. a digital sound) allow for precarious spontaneity that may produce emotional content?

Each participant will choose a site around Amasoong and will develop a new sketch of a work with sound that explores the contrasts technology/landscape and planned/spontaneous. While the participants need not be trained musicians at all, however, we ask that participants are willing to “leave” their own discipline for the duration of this workshop and to engage instead with sound and with interdisciplinary conversations and practices.

Along the way, we will touch on topics provided by the three mentors via several input lectures. These topics evolve around “sound” and “site” and will help guide everyone’s experiment conducted during this week:

  • Technological sound / sound design (Marcel Zaes)
  • Technological rhythms vs. organic rhythms (Marcel Zaes + Meghna Bhardwaj)
  • Site-specific art / Landscape versus object (Laura Gáti)
  • Sonic and performative elements in contemporary art (Laura Gáti)
  • Intervening the site with human bodily presence (Meghna Bhardwaj)

Marcel Zaes is a Swiss artist and composer-performer who has created a vast number of concert pieces, sound installations and sound performances, including site-specific pieces in exceptional landscapes such as the Sahara Desert, the Atlantic Beach of Rhode Island (USA) or the snow-covered Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. Marcel works predominantly with interdisciplinary concepts while his medium is sound. He will be directing the workshop and will present on his work. On the last day of the workshop, Marcel will invite everyone to participate in a new iteration of his series of works titled “Setting,” which will take place in an outdoor space around Amasoong.

Laura Gáti, originally from Budapest, currently lives in Boston, holds a double degree in economics and art history. Within art history, she specializes in interdisciplinary practices at the intersection of visual arts, performance art and dance. Her scholarly work within art history has focused on contemporary artists such as Tino Sehgal or Philippe Saire. At Amasoong, Laura will give two presentations on contemporary art, will participate in the group critique sessions and will act as a mentor.

Meghna Bhardwaj is a Delhi-based choreographer, dancer, and dance scholar. In her most recent series of pieces called “Edges,” she researches the relationship between lines, ruptures and bodily movement. In this workshop, Meghna will present on her work as well as her sound/dance collaboration with Marcel, and will also participate in the group critique sessions and act as a mentor.

Workshop is open to:
Any practicing artist interested in sound and site. Limited to 8 participants.

Bring with you:

  • A paper notebook and a pencil/pen (or any other form of paper and pen) so you can draw sketches and graphs, lines and grids
  • One object that can make sound (this could be, but is not limited to: a piece of wood, a fork, a sitar, a pot and a screwdriver, a toy, some electronic gadget, a metronome, a coffee cooker, a fan, a piece of paper…)
  • If you have one, bring a smartphone, on which we may install a free metronome app

To apply -
Please submit your short bio, letter of intent and 2 samples of earlier work.
Send us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Last date -31st- July-2018
Selected participants will pay Rs 1000 only for the fee. 
On 13th August all 8 participants will be performing for the public. 
Please read the details carefully. Any help? 
Please contact - Tomba - +91-9436226936 (call) and Bon +91-9862783007(watsapp)

Examples of work:
Works by Marcel Zaes

Works by Meghna Bhardwaj

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